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Robert W. Parker, PSI President and CEO

Simplify Success using Microsoft Office and Quickbooks in your New Career.
PSI is dedicated to your success now and in the future.  Licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission,
approved as an eligible training provider by the state of Texas, DARS certified and approved by the Houston
Galveston Area Council PSI is dedicated to building a personal bridge toward helping you reach your employment 
or higher education goals.
Basic Computer and G.E.D Prep Courses for your Future may be at no cost to you.
Successfully complete the PSI Basic Computer Course and
Receive a Free Laptop or PC Tablet to assist in online resume distribution/job searching
and your continuing education.
Call Pastor Parker anytime today at 713-203-1522
Professional Sales Curriculum
The PSI Professional Sales Certification program  is designed to assist our graduates in finding employment within any of the following occupations: advertising sales, cashiers, product promoters, demonstrators, Insurance sales agents, Models, Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents, Sales Engineers, Sales Representatives Wholesale, Manufacturing and self employment, entry level sales worker supervisor sales agents, travel agents, customer service specialist , rental clerks and  sales support specialist.
Related Job Skills 
 Graduates of the PSI Professional Sales certification program will learn job skills in the following areas: Strategic and tactical thinking, new business development, self motivation and goal setting, customer service, customer satisfaction techniques, customer retention strategies, customer assessment skills, marketing, promotion, creativity, time management, priority thinking, business etiquette, sales integration, product integration, presentation development and delivery skills and business case study analysis, role playing and leadership skills. 
Course Duration:   Six Weeks.  Clock Hours: 12   Lecture 50%/Lab 50%
Basic Computer Curriculum  
The PSI Basic Computer Certification program is designed to assist our graduates in finding employment within (but not limited to) the following occupations:  Administrative Assistant, service technicians, help desk technician, dispatcher, operations associate, shipping and receiving clerk, online data entry, field service technician, retail clerk, sales related occupations, marketing associate, bank clerk, wholesale and manufacturing plant worker, construction, customer support professional, data coordinator, research assistant, Inventory coordinator, cashier and self employment opportunities.
Related Job Skills 
Graduates of the PSI Basic Computer Program will take away practical job skills in the following areas: A working knowledge of computers, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Access.  Students will secure job skills in presentation development, written and Oral business communication, Excel formula and spreadsheet development, data entry, field and query management, time management, business etiquette, task management, organization, deadline sensitivity, information formatting, budgeting and resume writing.  Upon successfully completing the PSI Basic Computer Program, graduates will receive a FREE desktop computer for job searching and as part of the student's continuing education.   
Course Duration:5 days  Clock Hours:40  Lecture: 50% lab 50% Free Computer Delivery:4-6 Weeks after the successful completion of the course.
G.E.D Preparation Course
This course of instruction prepares adult individuals for GED test preparation and the skills necessary to attain and retain employment. Additionally, Students will learn how to submit error-free job applications. Designed to assist adults interested in continuing education with an eye toward employment, graduates will gain (but may not be limited to) suitable types of employment in the following job occupations: Retail sales and merchandise, administration, Restaurant employment, hotels, travel services, clerical, construction, computer technician, computer data entry and, heating and air conditioning and plant worker
Related Job Skills 
Students will learn English communication skills for workplace and non-workplace social interactions. Students should expect to acquire or enhance but may not be limited to) job skills that assist them in: motivation others toward success, effective verbal and written   articulation, attention to detail, organization, computer skills, creativity, customer service skills, Internet skills and overall workplace etiquette. Case study exercises and examinations using practical tools (i.e., sample job applications, resumes, cover letters, and office memos) that will be needed for most social and business interactions leading toward employment.
Course Duration:7 Weeks  Clock Hours:112  .

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